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This is not my usual posts about Fashion and Style. It’s more like a life update on things I have been loving, what am looking forward to in 2019 and just a little chatty blog post of me airing my thoughts.

1. Living Positively- My favourite qoute is, ” Learn to love without condition. Talk without bad Intention. Give without any reason, And most of all care without expectation.”  My postivity mantra for 2019.

2. Style- This year am looking forward to Investing in more classic timeless pieces. The kind of pieces I can still wear and style them 3years from now, and they would still look classy. I have so many clothes in my closet right now that no longer define my style. Am slowly cleaning out my closet, some of the pieces have been on sale on my Insta stories, head over t my Instagram. I will be doing more sales over there.

3.Financial Goals and Lessons- Am looking to saving more and venturing into more profitable business ventures. Am also learning to be a savvy shopper and not an impulse buyer. So far, so good i can pat myself on the back for this. I haven’t bought anything i have not planned for.

4.Spiritual Growth- I have always had a relationship with God, I do pray and go to church but I feel there is more I can do. Am working on trying to connect deeper with God and just understanding my purpose on Earth. Furthermore, I want to rely more unto God on things I have no control over and let him guide me through it all. Just a simple prayer and let him work his miracles.

5.Mental Growth- Lately I have gravitated towards Reading more books. This not only Inspires me but gives me a different perspective on how I view, situations and opportunities. They say knowledge is power, this so true, Read more, learn more.Am also addicted to listening to podcasts in the morning when am dressing up for work it really kick starts my day in a very good tone.Relationships and interactions are really vital to mental growth, You can’t  be surrounded by negativity and toxic situations and think it will be different in your normal engagements, toxic traits and relationships do influence us and well being. Let go of any situation that’s toxic and negative in your life.

Hope this Insipires you in one way or another. Till next post loves, kisses and peace.XoXo

Photography- Velos  Photography

Dress Thrifted- Available for sale at Ksh 1000

Heels- Primark

Earrings -MR.PRICE

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