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All that I am, or hope to be, I owe  to my angel mother. Mama is my greatest teacher, a teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. Today i just want to appreciate  my mum. My rock, my mentor, my friend and above my mummy. I still call her mummy. Growing up with a single mum, I have so much respect to mother’s out there. Is there anything a mother can’t do for their child. I appreciate my mum every single day, but Mother’s day is a special day to make her feel  ...

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Hey loves, Happy New Year everyone, its been a long break from blogging i missed you guys so much. i took a break from blogging to enjoy holidays with my fam and also plan for more exciting stuff to come in 2017. I am sure y’all going to love it. Its beginning of the year most people are resuming work, some are getting new employment opportunities and you just want to look the part in your dressing, i figured out why not do a work style outfit. Office looks go with neutral colors,  ...

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1.My real names are Valerie Lihabi, i have never had a nickname since i was kid, it was a short form of my name val,vale or lihabi. My mum is my everything love her to death, she is my mentor,my role model and my rock. I love watching advertisements my favourite this year is coca-cola taste the feeling, got stuck in my head and the sad part i dont even know the lyrics to the song. Also the KCB cub account ad, i guess its because my baby cousin loves it and we chill alot together. I love  ...

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