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This is not my usual posts about Fashion and Style. It’s more like a life update on things I have been loving, what am looking forward to in 2019 and just a little chatty blog post of me airing my thoughts. 1. Living Positively- My favourite qoute is, ” Learn to love without condition. Talk without bad Intention. Give without any reason, And most of all care without expectation.”  My postivity mantra for 2019. 2. Style- This year am looking forward to Investing in more  ...

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One of the greatest joy’s in a beauty addicts life is discovering new brands that are friendly on the purse strings but don’t compromise results. If you looking for a new love affair with a makeup brand you need to know about 3ina pronounced as “mina”. It’s my latest beauty obsession. Working 3ina into your makeup bag won’t be hard , because their product range is huge from eyes , lips, face, nails all are covered. 3INA embodies what is it to be a modern  ...

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1.My real names are Valerie Lihabi, i have never had a nickname since i was kid, it was a short form of my name val,vale or lihabi. My mum is my everything love her to death, she is my mentor,my role model and my rock. I love watching advertisements my favourite this year is coca-cola taste the feeling, got stuck in my head and the sad part i dont even know the lyrics to the song. Also the KCB cub account ad, i guess its because my baby cousin loves it and we chill alot together. I love  ...

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“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our minds.”   -Bob Marely Happy and blessed Madaraka day to my readers and country as a whole. A beautiful day that we got to celebrate our independence. We were liberated from the colonial power for as to practice our own democracy. Anyone who says one person can’t make a difference has never heard the story of the statue of liberty. Story for another day, back to fashion, i really love this skirt , i  ...

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