Hey everyone, I know it’s been ages since I was in this space but life happened. Anyways I dont intend to write alot this morning, over the weekend I was invited to an amazing launch for the Martel Blue Swift. Honestly that’s one of the best events I have been to in a long time, talk about VVIP treatment.

Pablo EspiceBar was my favorite cocktail of the night


This was the Smokey Joe second favourite cocktail.

Finally trying out Joe’s Atlanta wings which was amazing. The MARTEL Barbeque and Sweet Teriyaki was delicious. Am so hungry thinking about it.

Y’all know Mama Rocks doesnt play when it comes to the burgers , I indulged myself alot but unfortunately I forgot to take pictures. I also got to try the chicken Waffle and Vanila Smoothie that had a bit of Martel and bouy! It was damn good.Damn Good.

Overlly I really had a good time, the food, the ambience. The cocktails, I mean it was everything a girl would want for the weekend. Good  food, music and some cocktails to wind up the week.

Our Pick up Ride.

Till next post my loves, Kisses


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