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The holidays are here with us, its crazy unbelievable how fast time flies, its almost the end of the year. just some few days to 2019. Some few weeks ago i was lucky to work with Vivo activewear as a model. It was such a nice experience to be a model, I have never modelled before, so it was different route to what am used but i really learnt alot in terms of modelling. Anyway that’s not the topic of discussion today, am here to rave about the clothes from Vivo, they are good quality and so trendy.Some of the pieces are for the holidays if you planning to travel to the coast or maybe just planning to chill at home. There is something for everyone.

  1. THE KAFTAN DRESS- Perfect for at home when you have guests and still need to look neat while rushing through the kitchen to make meals. Its so comfy and its a dress I would highly recommend.

2. THE CHIFFON DRESS- Perfect for get-together parties, visiting the inl-aws , and the perfect dinner beach dress and vacation .

3. THE ORANGE DRESS- A pop of color for this holidays, a perfect colorful way to end the year. This orange dress will have everyone noticing you from afar.

4. All black outfit- Perfect outfit for late night parties, just throw some colorful accessories and shoes and  be the star of the show this holiday.

Whats you favorite outfit from all the above??Leave your comment on the comment section and lets get the conversation going . Till next post, kisses love and much love.


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