Hey love’s , I hope y’all are great and doing well. Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim readers . It’s a public holiday in Kenya and i thought to myself why not drop a quick perfume review.

Today I will be sharing my honest and candid opinions about the Beyonce heat kissed. I know in the Beyonce Heat collection they are 7 perfumes i only managed to get the kiss from the collection but if I manage to get the rest I will definitely do a review here.

The top notes are Litchi, mango, pitahaya, while the middle notes are Jasmine samblac, red furry orchid and Moroccan rose while the base notes are vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood. The top notes give you a juicy yet tropical opening with mango standing out. The middle notes are not that noticeable since the top and base notes are really strong. The bases are warm and you definitely smell the Vanilla throughout the fragrance which i think is suitable for any age range.

The bottle is a beautiful deep red toned color with a metal gold band between the glass bottle and cap. Press down the button and it sprays evenly. It does not leave any marks on your shirts either. I really love this fragrance and i would say it’s a really nice everyday fragrance , not really strong, so warm and sultry. Plus its very affordable. I would highly recommend this perfume to anyone as it cuts through any age groups.



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