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What does body positivity mean to you? Body postivity is an ethos that believes that all human beings should have a positive body image. But what does it mean to have a positive body image? It means accepting of our own bodies as well as the bodies of others. It’s a social movement that is all about celebrating diversity and uniqueness by embracing the bodies we were born with and grow with. It’s not about body shaming or striving toward a nonexistent ideal of one perfect standard.To be honest I have struggled a lot with finding my own comfort and in my skin and body. I thought I would share a few steps towards being body positive mentally and physically.

  1. Stop Self-Criticism– When you look in the mirror don’t look for things you don’t like instead, focus on the areas you think are your best features and give yourself compliment. Avoid expressing self-criticism aloud especially in the company of others.

2. Don’t criticize others– Be cautious about making comments about other people’s bodies. Don’t take part in body shaming. Remember that offhand comments that may mean little to you can have a huge impact on someone else’s self-esteem and body image. Focus on compliments that acknowledge someone intelligence, humor, courage, creativity or compassion instead of their weight. While you are at it, remember to acknowledge their positive characteristics in yourself as well.

3. Set healthy Goals– Focus body goal around physical health outcomes not emotional pressure to obtain certain aesthetic. If you are aiming to loose weight think about it from a health perspective. Instead of aiming to fit a certain dress size, focus on goals such as improving your fitness, training for a particular event or just feeling more active in your day to day life.

4. Wear whatever you want– With a positive mindset no outfit is off-limits. There are many different body shapes and outfits which will enhance every type of figure, whether you are pear-shaped,hourglass, apple or any other body shape you should know that there are amazing clothes out there just waiting for you to show them off. There are no rules that say you cant wear a dress or bikini if you are anything other than a size zero.

5. Seek positive Role Models- Social Media has been a blessing and a curse for the body acceptance movement. The proliferation of photo retouching and the surge in surge in social media influencers have spread a body image idea that is often unrealistic and unobtainable. On other other hand, Social media has also allowed positive influencers and role models to gain exposure and notoriety that they would never previously gained through traditional fashion and lifestyle media.


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