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Goodmorning everyone, Hope you had a fabulous weekend. A New week a new blog post,Experimenting with seasonal trends, color  juxtapositions, fabric matching a and layers is something that always brings me a lot of fun, often a great look usually, a new perspective on the styling possibilities for the different weather patterns. Take for instance the pleated skirt; It’s something to wear for all weather patterns all year around.There are many ways to style the pleated skirt;

1.)One of the easiest looks to achieve with a midi pleated skirt is a polished one. This the outfit you can wear at any office and at any job interview if you want to look sophisticated and professional. You can add a very stylish accent wearing it with a boldly colored pleated skirt and a white formal shirt to give the whole formal look.

2.) Wear the pleated skirt with a chunky sweater. Chunky sweater are really cozy and they’re also an unexpectedly great match to pair with a midi pleated skirt.

3.) Pleated skirt with a simple top- In this case going for a pleated skirt in metal and simple top of that leaves a bit of shoulder or back exposed is definitely a good idea. No brained to get ready for your next night out.

Photography- @ceekaymoney

Pleated skirt-  @stylishcloset on Instagram

White shirt- @stylishcloset on Instagram

Shoes -@stylishcloset on Instagram

Till next post kisses love, stay beautiful and positive always.

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