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Snakeprint is one of those style that never really went out of style. It’s classic and neutral but right now it’s extra in, probably seeing it everywhere at all price points.

Depending on your personal style, you can wear a lot or just a touch of this print to make it your own. Think of it like buildable makeup. You can layer more on if you want a bolder look( dress, skirt or pants) or conversely apply just a touch(shoes, bag or belt) for a more neutral look.

My take on the snake trend is quite simplistic, I went for a pair of black heels and silver earrings to complete the look. The dress is thrifted, This fit would work perfect for a dinner date or a girls night out. What I like more about this trend is that the print is not limited to one color. Snakeskin print comes in a massive range of colors and that would go well with many items in your wardrobe. From a subtle black snakeskin belt to a bold silver snakeskin backpack, pick an accessory, dress that will enhance your outfit the best without commiting too much.

Photograpy- CeekayMoney

Dress- Instagram Boutique( Sabba7)

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