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It is the bikini season. The weather in Nairobi has been a bit unpredictable but for the better part of the past two months , It has been hot and sometimes way too hot that it requires a mock tail in one hand and chilling in a bikini by the pool. I have been doing the later a lot. Nothing is more relaxing than a cool dip in water in a hot day.

Throughout my teens I never wore bikini, not once, If I went to the beach or just swimming. I’d wear some jeans short and T-shirt and sit at the bench while I watched my friends swim. It didn’t get better as I was a big curvy girl and constantly seeing perfect bodies in magazines or online. These pictures  didn’t encourage me to go out and do the same, If anything it made me more self- conscious.

Over the year my confidence has grown. I now love my body in any swimwear and am able to walk around proudly in it wherever I am. It all comes with time but also practice. You have to decide that you’ll wear whatever you love regardless of other people’s opinions or sometimes even your own judgments.

I’,s 2020 things have changed a lot and am so comfortable in my body, my big booty, stretchmarks, my not so big tummy. Am embracing all my flaws and rocking my bikini with all confidence. I encourage every woman, lady ROCK IT GIRL!! Let no one tell you nothing or make yourself feel not good enough.

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