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Happy New year to everyone! I know it’s a bit late for the New Year wishes but for me my 2020 officially starts in February the month of love.January for more was more of sorting the unfinished business of 2019,reflecting and creating a vision board of what i would love to achieve in 2020 for myself in regards to business, career, blogging and my personal life.Talking of 2019 it was a rollercoster of emotions and a series of many ups and downs but am glad that’s behind me and am looking forward to 2020 with so much postivity.
February being the month of love and red being the color of love it would be a shame if I didn’t debut the month with a red dress. I also have to admit red is among my favorite colors judging from the number of red pieces I have in my closet.I love midi dresses a lot especially if they have a bit of stretch to it as they tend to accentuate my curves while making me look decent and classy without showing too much. This midi dress from Siri Studio, i got it some while back when I was dealing with some serious acne breakouts on my face, neck and back. I was really self-conscious about wearing anything sleeveless. My acne is fading off but I really love the dress as the fabric is thick and very breathable also it works perfect with the indecisive Nairobi weather as it keeps me warm. I have also noticed i have been gravitating a lot towards custom made pieces or MadeInKenya pieces we have got to support our own.
Photography- CeekayMoney on Instagram
Dress- Siri Studio
Sunglasses- 7/11 store on Instagram
Shoes- SteveMadden

It’s been long since I was in this space and I know given a chance I would write a lot since we have a lot of catching up to do but lets agree that no one wants that as most of you are here for the fashion inspiration am going to keep it cute and not rumble a lot. Leaving you with this amazing red dress for Valentine Inspiration. More fashion look-books and Inspiration coming soon 2020 is all about consistency.
Till next post mt loves: Peace, Love, Light& Kisses


    1. Valerie Lihabi

      February 4, 2020 at 12:18 pm

      Thanks for the complement Andrew and also taking time to read my blog posts.

  1. Twazihirwa

    February 4, 2020 at 8:58 pm

    midi dress with a bit of stretch is mwaah. It really shows the curves on a lady in a descent cool way. Keep it up Val.

    1. Valerie Lihabi

      February 5, 2020 at 8:54 am

      Thank you so much for the kind words and taking time to read my blog spot. I really appreciate having a male perspective in regards to fashion and style.

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