Hey love, I hope y’all are well and keeping warm. Last week I did an Instagram poll of whether I should d0 a perfume reviews on my blog and basically everything related to beauty and lifestyle. Am so happy for the overwhelming response on the insta-poll. I thought to myself maybe I should be doing more reviews on the blog. Get ready guys every week ll be doing a review of perfume’s, skincare, makeup, restaurants and basically anything I have been loving.

My love for perfume started way back in primary school when my mum got a perfume by the name sweet sixteen it was really good, I really loved the scent. The problem is by the time I was getting to high school it was discontinued I have never seen it again. Back to the present, I have been able to collect a variety of designer perfumes in the last 3yrs and am looking forward to trying out more of them. This week ll start with two perfumes that I have added recently to my collection. They are both from Yves Saint Laurent which is Black Opium and Manifesto.


Packaging is definitely one of those things that sways me on a fragrance. It’s a black, shimmery bottle, the packaging is so luxe and pretty. The black glittery bottle looks absolutely lush on my dresser and if you are thinking about splurging on a scent I would definitely recommend it. I like the fact that you can see through the middle so you can know when you are getting low. The atomizer is really good it sprays, a lot and it’s kinda forceful.

Top note’s in this fragrance are orange blossom pear and pink pepper. The middle notes are coffee. Then the base note’s are vanilla patchouli, cedar and cashmere wood. The other day I just did a research on the composition of perfumes and that’s why I got to learn about this. Whenever I spray this I instantly get the coffee notes. The richness of the coffee and the sweetness of the vanilla. I’m coffee obsessed like on an addict level. If you’re part of my ig fam then you know this.  I really love the coffee notes. As the coffee sweetness starts to dry down and you start to get the floral note of jasmine. From start to finish in the background, you get a subtle note of that orange blossom. This is a very dark, rich sweet blend and the citrus comes off as a creamy citrus note. The smell is sexy, elegant and empowered. It’s suitable for day and night time.I could use this for work especially on days I have important meetings. The smell makes me feel good, empowered and confident and I hardly need to top it up for a night outing. The smell does last a whole day for me. The longevity of this is pretty good. This is the sort of perfume that if you wear out you will be asked what it is you are wearing. This perfume just smells so fresh. Its one that I think can be worn by younger and mature women alike. If you are not into anything too overpowering this is for you. If you also don’t like anything too sweet, this is for you. A really safe bet for presents.




It comes in a beautiful purple box with gold detailing which I think is so pretty and glam.The bottle itself has an ombre gradient, nearly opaque at the bottom and lightens at the top. The cap of the perfume is gold detailing. The bottle resembles a dress, like a woman in a purple dress.  It starts off with a fresh green wave, bergamot, and blackcurrant. The heart includes accords of white flowers such as sambac, jasmine, and lilac. The base is woody and slightly oriental and captures notes of cedar, sandalwood, and vanilla.When you first spray it, it’s pretty intense, it’s misty but really strong and intense.Lately, I have been loving the lilac scent like in my perfume, it’s a very interesting floral fragrance. The manifesto has a bit of that Lilac after the citrus wears off. The manifesto has cashmere in it and that’s probably why am obsessed with it. Then in true rich oriental fashion, it also has amber in the base which is so warm and sexy. But it’s mostly a rich, creamy vanilla based perfume. I love it for being so delectable. Its actually a more mature vanilla not so youthful and girly but powerful and sultry. I realized its a very strong and intense perfume. It will last you quite a long time. I have gotten 10hrs of wear out of it. Every time I have used it. I would recommend it as a perfume to be worn during the cold days and also night time fragrance.

I hope this review will helpful to you as you try to pick up your next perfume choice. You can leave your comments down below on which perfumes i should try out. Next week ii also be doing a review from my collection. Till next post kisses, love and peace. Keep warm





    1. Valerie Lihabi

      May 21, 2018 at 3:19 pm

      Hey got mine from the Airport duty free at ksh 7500, you can get one from Sephora at $91 thats for the Black Opium.

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